Conference topics

Lightning protection of power facilities and the experience of its use.
Head – Mikhail Chichinsky

The physics of lightning and features of thunderstorm activity. Lightning orientation regularities and vulnerability of ground objects. Active control actions over lightning.
Head – Eduard Bazelyan

Instruments and methods for investigating thunderstorm activity and lightning parameters.
Head – Vladimir Rakov

Lightning strikes parameters, their recording and application in practical lightning protection. Regulation and testing the lightning protection.
Head – Alexander Gaivoronsky

Means of lightning protection - lightning arresters, LLPDs, protective tools, grounding devices, and insulation.
Head – Georgy Podporkin

Secondary manifestations of ground and inter-cloud lightning strikes and protective means.
Head – Oleg Gromov


Within the framework of the Conference, delegates may ask their questions about the practical application of scientific achievements in the lightning protection industry, gain expert opinion from scholars, equipment manufacturers and business users, as well as familiarize themselves with the experience and studies of foreign partners on the subject.