VI Russian conference on lightning protection in Saint Petersburg

The top Russian platform to discuss the urgent issues of lightning protection, aimed at reaching the functional synergy between research and business.



We are happy to inform that preparation for a key event of 2018 in the energy industry, the VIth Russian Conference on Lightning Protection and Power Lines Reliability, have been launched. 

Representatives of scientific associations, top Russian and foreign researchers, world-known scientists who study the nature of lightning phenomena and effective innovative means of lightning protection, will take part in the Conference. The list of participants also comprises the representatives of the leading energy companies in Russia, oil and gas industry professionals, and foreign experts interested in studying the experience of their Russian colleagues and partnership.

We invite you to take part in our large-scale event in Saint Petersburg, 17-19 April, Astoria hotel.

Ivan Zhitenev

Organizing Committee Chairman

On behalf of Research and Organizing Committees I would like to welcome you to take part in the VIth Russian Conference on Lightning Protection, a unique research event where you can make a report and listen to other experts' reports that highlight the issues of vital importance for the industry, as well as issues associated with lightning impact on energy facilities and being the areas of concern for operating, regulating, and engineering the means of lightning protection.

And we'll again do our best to make the upcoming Conference an outstanding event and benefit each of the delegates.

The Vth Russian Conference on Lightning Protection in Figures and Facts

3 days
130 delegates from 12 countries
66 reports (as compared to 44 reports in 2012 and 57 reports in 2014) and significant amount of new information